1. "Total Athletic Development" Camp

3-4 day Camp designed to address and introduce athletic concepts and techniques that contribute to building better athleticism amongst participants.

  • Age groups range from 12 – 16 years of age
  • Topics:
    • Injury Prevention
    • Athletic Performance
    • Strength Training
    • Speed, Agility & Quickness

2. The "Ultimate Strength" Camp

3 day camp that focus’ on proper techniques for weight training basics and injury prevention in the weight room.

  • Understanding the mental and emotional aspect of a positive weight training experience at a young age.
  • Topics will be:
    • Injury Prevention
    • Core Training
    • Upper & Lower Body Stabilization, Strength, & Power
    • Flexibility
    • Nutrition Basic
3. Gross Motor Development Program

  • Using the latest research on Motor Behavior, this program trains the body & mind through "Theracise," which is an integrated, purposeful & therapeutic exercise program, designed to improve neuromuscular efficiency and overall total body strength.
  • This program is fun, educational, personal, and scientific-based as well as injury preventative. It focuses on building the foundation of motor skills which is the key to all human performance movements.

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