The mission of Vine Burke’s Infinity Institute is to become a leader in the industry and a high performing organization that is a role model for what the science and art of rehabilitation and athletic performance training should be.

We envision that we will lead others to follow our standards of practice for their own success because our practice is evidence based, safe and fun with measurable outcomes.

We foresee Infinity Institute as a benchmark institution, one who sets the new "golden standards" of how to treat and train people.
Infinity Insttiute has a vision that all people will value themselves as athletes, not only by playing a sport, but by living a healthier, longer and more active life.

Our goals for families are for them to be more proactive with respect to their fitness and wellness, by means of practicing healthier habits for a longer and more fulfilled life.

We envision that all learning institutions will lead our children toward better health habits and help abolish the growing health epidemics that are so prevalent and problematic for their future.

We foresee employers valuing their employees as human beings who need nurturing and nourishment for a healthy work atmosphere and their future.

We envision ourselves influencing government and insurance companies to implement incentives for the people who take care
of themselves (i.e., lower premiums)

Finally, no matter the age, gender, or race, we believe all who entrust in our healing and training ways will ultimately lead a more healthier and active lifestyle for years to come.

Infinity Institute
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