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Your first visit will include a thorough examination by a licensed board certified Physical Therapist. The session will last about one hour. You are to dress
comfortably with loosely fitting clothing for a thorough examination of the body part(s).

Interview: We first take the time to listen to, and hear your needs, limitations
and goals. We then receive a history of your injury, activities of daily living, your
prior physical and medical history.

Assessment: Using differential diagnosis, special testing techniques, and measurements (both static and dynamic), we determine the extent of the
impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities. These tests are active,
passive, hands-on and interactive, which help us to discover… the movement dysfunction(s) diagnosis. Upon discovery, we will inform you in full detail of our findings within our scope of practice. We will also discuss common goals and a treatment plan that will execute the healing pathway needed to return to sport, work and or life activities.

(Please note that we may recommend a second opinion and or another referral if a finding is out of our scope of practice, or if there is a discrepancy in opinion)

Treatment: The treatment is not only what the therapist does, but also what the patient does. At Infinity Institute, we expect a shared responsibility that is collaborative and cooperative in order for optimum outcomes to be achieved. We provides professional, quality and individualized treatment that is guided by a licensed physical therapist that sincerely cares. Each session is a time to reassess, modify and or progress through an evidence-based program. Our programs do not stop at the exercise prescription we provide. We also take a hands-on approach utilizing manual techniques and modalities that are essential for an expedient and safe recovery. Another integral part treatment is education. We feel this is so important because it is this that provides the foundation needed for injury /disease prevention, reoccurrence and a healthier happier life style.

Physical Therapy is not a “cure-all” however, it is a “help for all” for those who want to listen, learn and activate the plan of care and begin a healthier lifestyle.

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