Pre-Habilitation is a term in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation that applies to those patients having elective surgery who go through rehabilitation to prepare for surgery and to minimize the post operative impairments by strengthening and stabilizing the supportive structures surrounding the injured area, as well as conditioning the rest of the body to be in better “shape.”  Research
has proven that pre-habilitation contributes to better outcomes for surgery.

Infinity Institute’s Pre-Habilitation is educational, therapeutic and has proven to have positive outcomes.

Educationally, we inform the patient what to expect in surgery, after surgery, as well as the critical pathway of recovery. We also
give the confidence the patient needs to have for the most optimum outcome.

Therapeutically, we utilize our hands –on techniques, prescribe the proper exercises (if appropriate) and/or modalities, which all
play an intricate part of restoring the pre-morbid physiological tissue state.  Sometimes, after receiving pre-habilitation, our patients feel they no longer need surgery!

We believe, as does the current research, that Pre-Habilitation is important. It provides both the mind and body the nurturing environment needed prior to surgery, as well as prepares for the post –operative physical therapy that is required to obtain the
goals and outcomes needed for the return to activities of daily living, sports and life activities.

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