Post -Rehabilitation is an elective continuation of care.  It addresses a more functional type of training.  Post-Rehabilitation is appropriate for all people at all levels.  Once a patient has achieved the goals of physical therapy, but still would like to continue exercise under the guidance of a professional, in order to ensure proper exercise technique and exertion while cautioning the previously injured area.

Single leg balance exercise

"Since working with Vince I have gained strength and flexibility enabling me to perform daily responsibilites with ease
and confidence I had prior to surgery.
Vince is very caring and knowledgable."

A.W. Total Hip Replacement

There are several reasons why one would seek post-rehabilitation care:

  1. An athlete wishes to return to sport after an injury, but would like to transition from skilled rehabilitation to sport-readiness training.

  2. An individual enjoyed the experience of exercising in the clinic, has been discharged, but would like to continue exercising in a safe manner, under
    the guidance of a professional.

  3. A child with low-tone who would like to move more efficiently to fine-tune
    gross motor skills to facilitate reaching developmental milestones.

  4. Weight-loss.

  5. Total body strength and conditioning.

  6. Prevention of disease; ie. Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoporosis


Our approach in Post -Rehabilitation is one that is holistic in total body wellness. Our programs are specialized for each individual (not the sport they play). However, by treating each person as an “athlete,” they will become better at any sport or physical activity they perform.

Some insurance companies may cover this expense as a continuation of physical therapy during a transition period.


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