Infinity Institute offers a comprehensive examination where we look, measure,
assess and find the "right" fit orthotic for your feet that is comfortable and therapeutic for a "healthier first- step" toward prevention and recovery of an injury. Infinity Institute dispenses a "custom select" orthotic and or a resilient anti-shock insert from the leaders in the orthotic industry.

Orthotics are products that are placed in shoes which help align the body for weight- bearing activities. Each time we take a step, whether walking or running, a reaction happens occurs between the ground and the foot. Also, congenital defects, trauma, overweight, pregnancy, or over-use injuries can cause foot problems.

Research claims that feet that are not properly aligned, incorrect shoe size, and/or shoe infrastructure are the cause many of the problems we see about the foot, knee, hip and back. We are qualified to provide
an assessment that addresses these issues, but also prevent injury while giving optimum comfort for our patrons who come
into our office.

There are many products on the market that can be bought in local stores, but is it the "right" one for your feet? Remember, in a
store you get an "equal" pair of inserts that may not fit your "unequal" feet, nor fix your malalignment that is causing the problem.  Another question is, “are these products what you really need?”

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