At Infinity Fitness and Sports Institute (IFSI) we recognize the need to prepare today’s athlete for his or her particular sport (s). Because there is a high demand for this particular type of instruction, there are many philosophies out there on the "how to’s" of athletic performance training. Although many of us in the field of performance training have read the same books and
taken the same courses, the public may get confused with how each philosophy may differ. The one thing that remains constant in this field of performance training is that "most" programs yield results. This is the wonderful short-term benefit to exercising, especially with young athletes when developing strength, speed and quickness. However, we believe there are aspects that cannot be overlooked, such as age, hormones, gender and
injury status, to name a few. Not only do we view the short-term potential for results, but the long term benefits of following a systematic protocol that looks at injury reduction first and
optimum performance second.

We realize the importance of scientific researched-based training protocols. Based on this, we structure our Performance Training Model to progressively and systematically put our athletes through a results-oriented training program. IFSI believes that a program’s successful outcome lies in 2 factors. The first is that a program is only as good as the athlete’s assessment and two; persistent execution of a well-planned protocol will yield positive results. To properly and safely progress an athlete(s), they must be first assessed. Our Medical and Performance Enhancement staff first assesses each athlete for kinetic chain imbalances and reviews past injuries and present physical status. This information advises us on what protocol is needed for each athlete/team. Whether we are working with a team, small group, or an individual, all must go through 3 phases of training depending on what part of the meso-cycle the athlete is in. These 3 phases are stabilization, strength and power. It is based on a very successful model put in place by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a highly respected leader in our industry.

IFSI believes that our "sport" of athletic performance training should be done all-year round. That doesn’t mean everyday; however,
to improve overall athleticism, you must play this type of "sport." An anonymous individual once said, "As an Athlete, you may only have one moment to shine, but you have everyday to prepare for it." We, at IFSI, emphatically believe, to reach your potential, the combination of a dedicated athlete and a knowledgeable performance training staff is the ultimate TEAM that can make your
dreams come true.

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