Return to Sport Assessment  (MAPP™)

Are you really ready to return to the game?

Has your doctor cleared you to play?

Did your therapist say you are ready to play?

Were you tested through “game simulation”?

How do you really know if you are really ready?

Infinity Institute can help you answer these questions through our trademarked comprehensive Medical and Athletic Performance Profile (MAPP) assessment. The MAPP is a comprehensive total body physical evaluation, as well as a non – contact, progressive “game simulation” assessment. Once you are cleared to return to sport by your physician, you may have a MAPP assessment to assure your readiness.

The MAPP is not a form of rehabilitation; it is simply an assessment of your full musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system,
and nervous system, posture and gait. The MAPP has both a medical and an athletic performance component. It is lead by a
board certified licensed physical therapist who thoroughly exams the past and present history of the injury that “side lined” the athlete, as well as all muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments in the body. We start with the examination of the injury involved and all of the surrounding structures that have been compromised from disuse, ending with an full-body assessment.  If the athlete presents
no impairments, limitations or disabilities that will hinder him/her from returning to sport, we proceed with a progressive resistive “game simulation” assessment. These tests are progressive and purposeful that will challenge the fatigability, integrity and sport functionality of the “healed” wound and its associated tissues.

If one cannot perform during our “game- simulation”, they have no businesses performing in a real game.

The components of the game simulation will vary from athlete to athlete, sport to sport ;however, their will be a focus on the specific tasks needed for the” real” game. We challenge the bodily systems, range of motion, positions, change of direction, cutting, jumping, strength, flexibility and endurance needed to play the game.

(Please note this RTSA occurs in a controlled and safe environment which is supervised by highly trained physical therapist and performance enhancement specialist)

After the RTSA, a letter will be forwarded to your doctor giving him a more “sport functional” abilities report he/she needs before determining the readiness of returning to sport.

This RTSA is not the sole answer as to your readiness to return to sport, but it can certainly tell you and your doctor what you can do.

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